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Poster: jonc Date: Mar 8, 2007 9:48am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

Everything posted here is up for public review, and as such, you can expect to get panned by some. It's pretty much the same anywhere you go. You need to be a little thick skinned. If the comments you refer to are vulgar and offensive, IA will likely take them down, eventually. Generally, though, ignore them. Somebody else will come along and appreciate your work for what it is, and pass the word along.

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Poster: curiousexplorer Date: Mar 9, 2007 1:49am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

Thanks for your reply. Here are the offending remarks:

"Reviewer: bigdave69 /search.php?query=reviewer:%22bigdave69%22 February 10, 2007
Subject: queens bedroom

it was with some pity i viewed this clip, a very sorry affair indeed, whilst i appreciate the venue is not the london palladium nor am i a royalist but for heavens sake stop embarrassing yourself man!!
Reviewer: bigdave69 - FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT="- February 10, 2007
Subject: policemen

same old story, change the record , the venue and have a bath!"

This is not legitimate art criticism - it's personal insult. What has 'have a bath' got to do with anything?

I think that both of these abusive so-called reviews would put anyone off watching the videos.

The bigger & more important point is that I did NOT give permission to open my work to insult in this way.

You'll notice that the same person is responsible in both cases. Does he make a habit of such insults or does he have it in for me in particular?

Actually, I uploaded the videos to Our Media. It was a surprise to see them on Internet Archive. Again, my permission was not sought. I'm happy for them to be archived but not for personal abuse to appear alongside.

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Poster: jonc Date: Mar 9, 2007 9:51am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

The query didn't turn anything up, but I did find your stuff. Pretty funny, man. I would post the links here if you wouldn't mind sharing them.

I think your making a bit much of this. It's a bit harsh, but I've seen worse stuff. Don't know what's meant by "have a bath". You take a shot at the royal family, and some people might take offense at that.

Look at it this way: Good, bad or indifferent, you know people are watching your stuff. I'm a software developer and always need input on my work. Not only does it tell me people are using my software, I can use constructive criticism to improve it. Now, bigdave does not offer ideas, and probably knows nothing about the creative process. He isn't very articulate, either. But why be bothered by his type? Life's too short, and there are too many bigdaves in the world.

Storage in the Archive is mentioned in the OurMedia FAQ:
Look under "How long will my materials be stored? Did you say forever?" If you want your stuff removed from IA you should take it up with them.

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Poster: curiousexplorer Date: Mar 10, 2007 4:06am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

Many thanks for your positive remarks. And, yes, by all means link to the pieces in question. I guess the more people who see them, the more likely someone is to enjoy them. I think the reason I felt so hurt is that 'bigdave's' was the first & only 'review' & consisted of nothing but personal insult, which might put off anyone else from even looking. I can't understand the spiteful mentality of someone who'd go out of his way to trash someone else's work & with what possible motive?

One positive outcome is that at least I've got a response from this forum & I really appreciate that.

I still feel the offensive comments should be removed as they are not legitimate criticism & only serve to warn potential viewers off, which is frankly unfair. OK it's raw, unedited performance footage with poor picture quality (I'll accept all that) but it's valid as an historical document of my early work &, if anyone bothers to listen, they might even find it satirically cogent, verbally witty & amusing.

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Poster: jonc Date: Mar 10, 2007 10:11am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

For those interested, here are some of curiousexplorer's contributions:

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Poster: glenn Date: Mar 11, 2007 1:12am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: abusive 'reviews'

Really, when you post here, upload or download, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions here:

which partly say that the archive may contain disturbing and objectionable material, and that it is not their responsibility

and partly says that the archive can, at their discretion, remove anything.

Also, before you uploaded, you certainly saw that people review anything, and that there are good and bad reviews posted...

so you have agreed to have your stuff reviewed...

On the other hand, it states in the terms that the archive is not to be used to harass and annoy anyone, so to some extent, people reviewing items with 'reviews' that are substantially not reviews of the item in question, but are instead intentionally harassing or annoying, or people uploading content with the intent of harassing or annoying someone... is in violation of the terms of service agreement.

On the other, other hand, every time you get a bad review, your stuff becomes a 'recently reviewed item' and gets noticed and maybe viewed/listened/read and appreciated by people who might otherwise never have seen it...

And finally, in 'show biz' "a knock is a plug" any time someone gives someone a bad review or says their material is worthless or crappy or whatever, is in effect giving them free publicity...

don't let the bad reviews bug you.